Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursday Quiz - TV Shows

Here's an interesting quiz, for those of you who like to watch the show NCIS.
I know I've talked about it before, because DH and I really like to watch it.
Sadly, I feel like my mother and my step-father.
"Oh honey, it's Tuesday night, NCIS is coming on."
So routinized.
Alas, what can I do, it's a good show!
(Even an Entertainment Weekly reporter discovered how good the show is!)
I like to watch the marathons on USA network as well, also because I can watch Psych on there (my new favorite show, coming out with a new episode tomorrow!).
For those in Ravelry, there are groups for tv shows - have you seen those?
I belong to several: NCIS, Psych, House, Ghost Whisperer, and Numbers.
All shows that I watch on a regular basis.
And what is surprising is that I use to limit my one hour shows to only two per week - that's all I could commit to.
Looks like I can commit to more as I get older, or else I'm happier sitting on my butt watching tv shows for at least five hours out of the week.
(And did you see they're moving House opposite The Big Bang Theory on Mondays? Seriously, that is wrong, so I will just continue to record House. Sorry.)
Anyway, I found this quiz on Ravelry in the NCIS group.
Kind of a cute quiz; check it out, this is who I am:

Now that's cool.
I don't mind being Ziva at all.
She can kick some tail.
Take the quiz and find out who you are.

(By the way, DH and I like to watch NCIS and find mistakes, I've said that before. This past week they found a body of a sailor who had been dead for 11 years. They pulled his ID card out of his jacket pocket to ascertain his identity. DH looked at me and said, "They weren't using those ID cards 11 years ago." He was right - it was a Common Access Card, which the Navy and Marine Corps started issuing in 2002/2003, concurrent with, or just prior to, the NMCI contract. The dead sailor should have had the old green ID card. See, this is why we like watching the show, it makes us feel smarter.)

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Jennifer said...

Yeah and I still have the green card. You know, us Reservist pogues don't rate a new card...