Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday, in which I win a free book

I won a free book from the local bookstore.
How exciting is that!
I just love getting free books, and it doesn't even matter if they're any good or not, I'll take them.
The book I just picked up was My Name is Mary Sutter.

Have you ever heard of it?
I might have, possibly, but does it matter? It was free!
Actually I had originally won The Help, but I have the audiobook, and I've listened to it already, so I went with the unknown book.
And then added it to my stack of other "to be read" books.
The days are just not long enough for all of my leisure activities.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poor You

Oh, my poor blog.
If you were a fish, you would have been long dead for lack of attention.
Should we reacquaint ourselves?
Yes, let's.
How about a game of 20 questions to catch each other up to date?
Well since we know that you've been languishing, why don't you ask me the questions, and I'll see what I can come up with as good rationale for ignoring you for so long.
Sound good, blog?
Awesome. Shall I begin?

1) Since January, how have you been filling your time?
Same old, same old. Knitting, reading, working my butt off (figuratively), listening to music, listening to books on tape, and more work.

2) You seem to have been doing a lot of reading. Any particular reason?
Well, blog, I have been tracking my reading through GoodReads, and I entered into the 2011 Reading Challenge. My first goal was to read 175 books throughout the year, but after sucking wind (figuratively again) at the middle of February by trying to read a book every other day, I decided to downgrade my goal to 100 books.

3) One hundred books? That's impressive. How are you doing so far?
Great, actually. Officially I'm listed as having completed 79, but it's really only 77. I gave up on two books, but they ended up on my "read" list. I could fix that, but the next challenge is in remembering that I have to subtract. Keeps me on my toes.

4) Can I be your friend on GoodReads?
Seriously? You are part of me. Don't go all doppelganger on me, blog. Certainly if any readers out there, if I have any left, would like to be friends, they can find me on there somehow. I think via my email - That is if anyone is interested. Not sure what I can offer you.

5) Well what does this site have?
Again, there are a lot of capabilities, and certainly I am not using it to its fullest extent.

6) So then why bother?
I fancy myself with having some kind of ambition to write, if only for my own entertainment, so I do write short reviews of some of the books I've read.

7) Changing the subject here, since all you seem to be doing is reading and then writing on this website, and completely ignoring your blog-
Hey, don't get all snarky, blog, I came back didn't I?
Fair. How's your summer been?
Dreadful. Not completely so, but busy enough to make it seem as if the time is - excuse the expression - pissing itself away. Oh, and I got cellulitis on my leg from a mosquito bite, or razor cut, or something. I never want that again.

8) Is this an indication that you're getting old?
Could be, rabbit. Even still, I may be old, fat, slightly misanthropic, and unfit for human company, but at my high school reunion earlier this month I did score three free beers, and a shot. I'd call that a win.

9) Do you promise to visit me more often? And provide pictures?
I will definitely make more of an effort, but you know how I am about sustaining long-term relationships.... Cheers, blog, and thanks for the forgiveness.

10) See you tomorrow?
Er, well, we'll see. Don't hold your breath.