Saturday, January 24, 2009

You Can't Rush the Knitting Mojo

At 10:00 this morning it was 8 degrees outside.
What a perfect day to stay inside.
With that in mind, I accomplished quite a bit of movie watching today.
Oh, and I worked on a sock too.
I wish I could say it was done, or even at the point where I'm turning the heel, or even knitting the heel flap, but I still have about 3/4" to knit before I get to that point.
Knitting on size 2s just takes so much time for me.
Plus this particular sock had somehow dropped a couple of stitches -- you know how it is when you leave a sock alone for too long, they misbehave.
I know that's happened to you.
Once the dropped stitches were picked up, I just kept going, and going, and going....
Not quite like an Energizer Bunny, but for as long as I could stand a k2 p2 rib before needing a break.
What I watched in between my spurts of knitting was Then She Found Me, Burn After Reading, Step Brothers, and The French Lieutenant's Woman.
Like I said, with all that movie time, you'd think I would have gotten more accomplished on my sock, or any other knitting project, but sometimes, you just can't rush the knitting mojo.
I lose it so easily, I don't want it to disappear again.

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