Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday again - and what am I doing?

This morning I woke up and a song jumped into my conscious mind as I leaped out of bed to shut off the alarm.
This is the song, and I think it's quite appropriate:

Oh yes, it is Friday.
Woo hoo!
Got big plans this weekend?
I do, for sure.
One of the things I would like to do today is show you a picture of a project that is going to get the frog kicked out of it.
This scarf.

You can see the cat, but you can't see all the cat and dog hair on the yarn.
(Well, and dust too, but I ignore that.)
I wanted to make a scarf for SN1, because he really wants one. I had made him one before, but he lost it, and I've been so busy not finishing other projects that I never got around to making him a scarf.
I found this pattern and thought, well I'll just use some Patons Classic and make up this scarf and we'll be careful when (and if) we wash it.
Seriously, I know this is a mindless knit, but it was too mindless for me, and I hate to tear out all this progress I've already made, but I just don't want to make this anymore.
Life is too short to knit ugly scarves.
Maybe next time I'll use this KnitPicks pattern and add a little spice into the scarf. If I have another ball of this yarn, and I think I do, I might make those socks from Vogue Knitting.
Then again, I might just have to go buy another two balls.
(tee hee - that sounds funny and perverse)
So today's choice is --

Yeah, this yarn is going back into a ball.

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