Tuesday, January 27, 2009

TV and socks

First up, did you see that they are delaying the date for the analog to digital switch?
The AP has an article discussing the Senate's four month delay until June 12th.
Honestly, I'm a Republican, but why would the Republicans block a switch?
I don't get it.
It's not even logical.
Ergo, it must be about money.
Truthfully, if I lost my job, the first thing to go would be cable tv, and I sure wouldn't rush out to buy a converter. We would be listening to a lot of radio to get our news.
Back to the old way - radio and newspaper.
Politicians (and I'm being non-partisan here and including all politicians) always seem to forget the little people who don't consider cable to be a necessity, or something that automatically fits into a budget.
Anyway, interesting stuff about this switch, and I don't think we'll realize the extent of the families that don't switch, regardless of the cost of the converter, until after the switch has taken place.
What's interesting about the switch is that it caused my mother to finally sign up for cable tv.
She has about 10 extra channels now, and is just as thrilled as a cat with new pajamas.
And speaking of socks...
Have you seen the latest Vogue Knitting?
There is a pair of socks in there that I would like to try.
Have you seen these?

The socks in the middle picture.
Plus I like the hat too that is pictured right next to it (although no one in my house does -- but I think Karzai's hat is a keeper too -- see a resemblance?).
(And I'd like to have the waist size of the model with the belt, thank you very much.)
What's interesting is the yarn used in the sock pattern is Patons Classic Wool, available in any major craft store, plus my local Ben Franklin.
I've never cabled socks, so I'd be interested in trying these, plus I have this particular yarn at home already.
Double nice.
I looked up the cost of yarn for some of the big knit sweaters in this issue - one is about $190 and the other is about $220 or thereabouts.
Wow, and they're really not even overly attractive sweaters.
I would wait for them to appear on the clearance rack at JC Penney, that's how distinctive they are.
Or I would knit them with much less expensive yarn.
There is a woman I know who learned how to knit, and she and I and someone else were having a conversation about knitting. I mentioned that I like to go to Ben Franklin, just because, and she said to this amorphous other person, who asked about Ben Franklin, that she thought they have nice yarn there but their prices there are a bit high.
I can't remember the gist of the entire conversation, but I do remember being shocked.
I thought, "Really? Ben Franklin expensive? Honey, you haven't shopped for yarn if you think that store is expensive."
That's what I thought - what I did was gape at her with my mouth open and the conversation took another turn and when on to something else.
Perhaps I should show this sock pattern to her.


Nancy said...

I'm with you on the converter box thing. We won't know how many people need them until it switches over so might as well do it and get it done. The justification is the fact that the coupon money ran out but there are tons of unredeemed coupons out there so they need to find a way to reclaim that money.

Kind mean spirited for the bleeding heart liberal that I am but I like to live in the real world, ya know;)

Keyamoni said...