Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Free Radio BS

I like to listen to music and I really cannot work without it.
It entertains me, and I like to sing along.
Sometimes I sit in my chair and do a kind of dance – so professional, I know.
You should hear me hum.
Lately I have been listening to Pandora radio; I think I might have mentioned that already.
What is great about Pandora is you can set up a radio station based upon a song or an artist, and then they will play music that is similar. On iTunes the Genius function is comparable in setting up a new playlist.
I have created several radio stations, such as Tori Amos, Indigo Girls, Damien Rice, and Patty Griffin, but last week I came into work and was thinking about Bobby Sherman.
Who doesn’t spend their day thinking about him?
I pulled up the internet and went to the Pandora homepage, and at that point I decided that I needed to make a new radio station – one that featured Bobby Sherman.
Oh, and it was great. All these tunes from the 60s started playing, some familiar and some really obscure. I know Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Tommy Roe, and Jay and the Americans, but I’m less familiar with bands such as Marmalade, The Insect Trust, and The Flower Pot Men. Still, it’s fun, because about every 10th song Bobby comes on and sings.
Today something strange happened.
It was more than strange - it was unprecedented, unanticipated, and it caused a bit of unease.
Modern songs started playing on my Bobby Sherman station.
And by modern I mean contemporary, such as – get this – Panic at the Disco.
I’m supposed to be listening to Petula Clark, with an occasional Herman’s Hermits hit thrown in every once in a while. Panic at the Disco? My kids listen to that band.
How did this happen?
That song must contain some of the same elements as Bobby’s songs.
What does this mean?
I’m still reeling, because I can’t figure if it was a random occurrence, or if I should expect it more often.
This caused me to wonder -- If I created a Panic at the Disco station, would Bobby Sherman show up on there?
That, my friends, is a question for the ages.
Does anyone know for sure?
Will we ever find out?

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Nancy said...

My son got me into Panic at the Disco and their second album was very Beatlesque if you can believe it. I wonder if that's why they showed up on your Bobby Sherman station.