Monday, January 19, 2009

Reading Roundup - Week Three

Do you ever wish for a second chance with your time?
I feel as if this weekend was a total waste, and nothing was accomplished.
When I look at my knitting and reading, or lack thereof, I wonder exactly how I spent my time.
I did go to one place today:

Do you know where this is?
It's a place that encourages you to play, obviously.
It is none other than....Strong National Museum of Play!
While I'm there, I always do a little research.
That sounds kind of skeevy, and I don't mean it that way.
What I do mean is that they have library books all over the place, and if you have a county library card you can check out books.
I can't handle the overdue fees I am sure I would incur, so I never do, especially since I have a place that is a mere 6 floors away and does inter-library loans for free so close to where I work.
I do, however, look at all the books in the Reading Adventureland area.
There are so many YA books in there that I have never been introduced to, that I just like to go and peruse.
Today I came prepared with a notepad and a pen.
As I picked up a book and wrote down the title and author, one of the ladies who works there came over to me and said, "Don't tell me you do what I do."
I looked up at her and immediately knew what she meant.
"There are so many good books here that I have to write them down so when I go home," I replied, "I can..."
"...get them out of the library," we finished together.
Imagine, someone else as crazy as me.
Nancy Farmer's The Sea of Trolls was a book I discovered at Strong.
Today I wrote down the names of about 15 books or more.
Research, my friends, research for that elusive thesis topic that must somehow concern YA literature.
Speaking of YA lit, I only finished one book this week, The Tale of Desperaux (7). It was a Christmas gift from DN2, and I've read it, but I'll have to take it back.
The pages are all screwed up, and there are extra pages pasted in at the end, so there are actually two endings in the book.
I wonder if someone is missing an ending.
I didn't really like it too much.
It was a bit too simple for me, and although cute, I just wasn't into it.
And I haven't even seen the movie, which I hear is not all that great.
I have four books in various stages of completion, so perhaps I'll be able to get something finished this week since my list of books to read continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

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