Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bach in the Afterlife

Inside my head is a place you do not want to be.
I think some strange things, sometimes things that even scare or startle me.
But there are days when I wake up that I emerge from sleep with a song in my head.
Have you ever had that happen to you?
The radio is not on, I haven't listened to music while falling asleep, nor while asleep, and I still have a song looping through my dreams and into the moment when I awaken.
Take Saturday for example.
I awoke with Fleet Foxes "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" going through my head over and over.
I haven't listened to that song in a while, and I don't know what would have prompted it.
And I like the song, I know the melody, it's just I don't know all the words, so I'm stuck hearing the melody and repeating the same words constantly.
I like to analyze my dreams and find out what would draw a certain dream in. My mother was complaining about the church I grew up in, and which she still goes to, and how much they have changed. That night I dreamt about the church.
I'm not good at any thing other than simple arithmetic, and I figure 2 + 2 = having a dream.
But I can't explain the musical phenomena.
I had surgery several years ago (11, to be exact), and when I was awakened from the anesthesia, I asked them if they were playing Vivaldi.
The doctor said, no, the radio was set to a soft rock station.
So why was I hearing string ensembles when I was under?
Truthfully, if death is Baroque music, then I'm certainly not scared of it.
I'll have the Brandenburg Concertos for the afterlife appetizer, thank you.

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Caroline said...

I'm with you on the baroque music. I don't dream about music though, just your basic "I'm late to work and my legs won't move" type of dreams for me.

I've gotten Russ to watch Babette's Feast. I can't watch it often, but since it's Danish AND about food, of course, I love it. My dad says that those old ladies "are" his aunts. (LOL)