Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Night's Alright for....Pasta

We like to eat spaghetti dinners on Saturday night.
Not the ones you get from a fundraiser, just what you make at home.
It's kind of a tradition.
We used to eat spaghetti and listen to Prairie Home Companion on Saturday nights.
Lately I haven't been listening to the show as much, and I miss it.
That's not what I'm here to talk about though.
I'm here to talk about pasta.
DN1 is always on a pasta kick - she loves pasta with vegetables.
We used to eat spaghetti with tuna (and parmesan cheese) - sounds weird, but it's good, and of course inexpensive.
You could make the dish better by adding butter, but it's still quite satisfying without it.
Locally we have a Barilla plant, and there was an article on one of our tv stations that talks about how good things are for the pasta industry right now, because it is a low-cost alternative meal.
Here's the article - and there's a video too if you care to watch it.
Interesting that they say their sales have increased by 15%, and that overall pasta sales are up 20% in the past year.
The Barilla plant is actually hiring - strange for this area at a time when Kodak just laid off another 1,000 employees.
Well, it's Saturday, and it's time for me to support the local economy, so I need to get to the store to stock up on Barilla.
I like my spaghetti thin, not thick.
How about you?

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