Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Activities

I worked like a charwoman this weekend.
Still some things to be cleaned out - it never ends - but I did get this room cleaned:

Yeah, it probably still looks a tad messy, but I went through a lot of things and moved them around.
Heavy furniture + moving it myself = 2 Ibuprofen before bed.
And then my CD stand broke, so I have piles of CDs on the floor in need of a storage cabinet.
Fortunately they're not growing legs and walking away, so they can wait for another payday.
I sorted out some games in the closet.
Can you believe how many puzzles and board games we have?

With more still waiting for shelf space to be cleared so they can be stored too!

Want to come over and play?
When Major Knitter was here once we played Harry Potter Scene It? and she kicked our collective butts!
But, the piece de resisitance of my weekend activities includes this pair of thumbless mittens:

They should have been done because they are such an easy pattern, but time just ran out.
Size 10 DPs make for a quick knit.
I'm going to make another pair in Lumberjack Red (Wool Ease Thick and Quick) this week.
Fantastically warm - guess that's why they're called the World's Warmest Mittens (pattern in the book).
So it wasn't a wasted weekend, but there's just not enough time is there.
Why can't we have a George Jetson work week?


Caroline said...

I played all weekend, except for a quick half-hour doing some lesson planning. You deserve a medal..especially after the CD mishap:(

Jennifer said...

Love the mittens. Congrats on the organizing project.

I did not kick your butts. But my Harry Potter obsession may have come to good use (finally). I did, afterall, read the entire series outloud to both my boys, listen to it several times on CD and watch each DVD many times.