Monday, January 26, 2009

Reading Roundup - Week Four

Mondays are the worst.
I hate getting up in the morning, the day seems so long, and then I have trouble staying awake past 8:00 at night.
It's awful.
After I post this, I'm heading off to bed.
First, I'm taking Major Knitter's suggestion under serious consideration.
Since I'm not taking classes this semester, she suggested I take some knitting classes.
That is a great idea, and thank you Major Knitter for that keen suggestion.
I was going to head out to Ben Franklin this evening and see if they had any classes, but I...well, you know...I was tired.
Two books finished this week - with still twice as many in progress.
I finished Lon Davis' Silent Lives (8), a book that provides brief biographies of silent film stars, directors, and other influential people of that era. Good as an introductory text for silent films, but it leaves out a lot of dirt (and detail) while still providing texts for further study.
Second book was Tom Holt's Valhalla (9), a severe disappointment. I don't know if I've gorged myself on Holt, or if this book just didn't fit for me, but it was just not good at all. On Good Reads I only gave it one star.
Even the idea of Valhalla being a place where in a big room you can spend eternity watching paint dry -- clever, but boring.
The narrative was so disjointed, and I could never get close to any particular character - even Odin, who was actually kind of an all-powerful nebbish (think Woody Allen, Director). I'm reading another Tom Holt text which is still not all that great.
How disappointing.
Alright now - I have a sock in the first stage of heel flap, a book to read, and a need to go back to sleep.
Which will I tend to first?
I vote for the Zzzzzzzz's.

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