Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why can't you be like that mom?

Have you ever heard that?
I have most recently from my youngest.
What is it with these kids?
What is it with the marketing agencies?
It really started with that stupid Wal-Mart commercial about the kids and the toys.
In it there is a montage of kids looking at all the great toys the Devil's Store sells and at the end a little girl asks her mother, "Mom, can I have it?"
The mother replies, "At the Wal-Mart price, I'm sold."
Or something equally noxious and lenient.
Mine asks me, every time she sees that mother agreeing to buy an unneeded toy for a spoiled kid, "Why can't you be like that mother?"
And I ask, "What, buying you a toy that you don't need just because you want it?"
Commercials like this make me glad that we're rarely home in the evenings because of swimming and Girl Scouts.
Next time she asks me for something I might have to react like this cat:

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Angelika said...

I hate that commercial too and the worse thing is, that our Walmart doubles almost as our mall, since the next one is about 45 minutes away. And their selection wasn't even that great. I took the kids in for after christmas shopping, 33 % off. That was better, but the toys still had to be approved by me. I hate it when the kids think that money burns a hole in their pockets.