Friday, January 11, 2008

Ding, dong, ditch

I'm really considering installing a doorbell on my revolving front door.
Technically it is the side door, but you know what I mean.
We don't have a doorbell or even a door knocker, so there are times we might not hear people knocking at the door (like when everyone is gathered in front of the television playing either Guitar Hero or Rock Band).
Last summer the front door was left unlocked and some campaign guy, obviously thinking this was student housing, walked in the front door, up the stairs, knocked on DN1's door and asked her to sign a petition.
Last Friday we were sitting on the couch, clearly not watching the Boob Whisperer what with no new episodes because of the writer's strike when in walks one of SN2's friends.
He looked at us and said hi.
We looked at him and said, "SN2 is in there."
He left and we continued to exercise the fat in our butts by squatting on the couch.
Shortly after that one of SN1's friends came walking into the living room.
She looked at us and said hi.
We looked at her and said, "SN1 is in there."
DH and I then looked at each other with puzzled expressions.
Clearly no one knocked at the door but these people felt it was okay to walk in.
Do people feel so comfortable here that they treat this place as their own?
I said to DH, "We really need to buy a doorbell."
He said, "We really need to lock the door."
Too right.


Angelika said...

Too funny. I DO have a door bell and a knocker, but my door is open most of the day and the screen door closed. Then of course I have my barking doorbell, which, unfortunately, malfunctions sometimes and turns out drool instead, when somebody she likes is at the door. Can't find good help these days :D

Caroline said...

...and turn off the lights:)