Sunday, January 06, 2008

Goodbye Tree

The end.

Of Santa, of course, and also for our tree.

It is time for it to go.
This was the biggest tree we have ever had and it was real too.

Just for reference, DN2, seen posing with the dog, is 4'11".
This tree was big, at least 9 feet tall.
But now it is by the curb waiting for the town to pick it up and throw it in the wood chipper after which the highway department will use the mulch somewhere in town.
I read the article in the paper but I didn't pay much attention beyond the part that said, "Leave your trees by the curb and the town will pick them up."
Roger that.

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Kat said...

Wow, 4'11"? I just had Movie Boy at the doctor yesterday and he is 59 1/2" inches. Am I doing my math wrong or are they the same height? In which case, wow, she is getting TALL! :)