Thursday, January 03, 2008

Frost on the Windows

For those of you suffering from the heat and slightly cold temperatures -- it is freezing here!!
Correction, it is below freezing.
14 degrees outside - feels like 6 degrees (I'm reading this off The Weather Channel).
And I think my office is probably at about 40 something.
We have no heat at work - they turn it off for the 2 week shut-down in order to save money.
It is so cold I am shivering and afraid to move away from my space heater. Not exactly a cost-saving device, but it's saving my life right now.
Why am I here?
Good question.
(Perhaps I'm here so you don't have to be - ever think about that? Give it some thought.)
It is a perfect day for some hot (and I mean hot) tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich - my favorite lunch - which since I had Shepherd's Pie for lunch might actually be what I have for dinner tonight.
I understand that other parts of the country are pretty cold right now too.
My sympathy goes out to y'all.
Alright now, back to your regularly scheduled programs and try to stay warm.

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Angelika said...

Even down here in GA it's freezing at night. Some nice hot soup sounds really tasty just about now.