Monday, January 14, 2008

My pupils are taking in a lot of light

Why, you ask?
Because I've been to see the eye doctor today and 5 hours later I'm still having trouble seeing because of my pupils being dilated.
Fortunately for me, relatively good news.
Although I'm pretty blind my vision has not decreased at all in 2 years.
For me that's miraculous.
He did give me some contacts to try out for a week to see if I like them, so I have to go back and see him again.
DN2 also had her eyes checked.
She has said that she has been having trouble reading the board at school.
So for 2 weeks she's been talking about getting glasses and will I help her pick them out.
Well she came out with the doctor and he said, "Her vision is perfect. 20/20."
I couldn't believe it. "Really?" I asked.
"Yes, she does not need glasses."
He took me back to his office and told me that he knew she really wanted glasses but that she just does not need them. And he also talked to me about why her vision may be blurry when transitioning from looking at a paper to the board.
I think it's amazing and I'm very happy that she has no problems with her eyes (speaking as someone who has had problems literally since the day I was born). Well once we got outside the tears began. We had walked no further than 3 feet from the doctor's office door before she started complaining that her eyes hurt.
But I knew there was something else.
And I found out.
She wanted glasses!
While I was in being checked she had even picked out a pair and she was sobbing because she couldn't get glasses!
As SN2 said when he found out why she was still crying (yes, even after we got home), he told her, "You're crying because you can't have glasses? That's straight up wack!"
Too right.
I wish I had that problem.


Angelika said...

I'm sure that too shall pass. I've been wearing mine since 7th grade and had problems since 3rd, but my mom justo somewhat ignored and then forgot about it. I just got new contacts last week and I'm still getting used to them. My vision? In contacts? Try -5.75 and -6.0. I think I need to start training my dog.

Kat said...

At her age, I wanted glassed AND braces. That all seemed so cool then. I think the braces had to do with the little bags of miniature rubber bands they got. I got the glasses, but never got the braces. I never got an Easy Bake Oven either. I am still bitter. ;)