Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Tonight DN2 swam and I engaged in some KT -- knitting time.
I spent almost the entire hour and a half hour swim practice knitting.
Has anyone sat in bleachers lately and knit?
I just can't seem to get my posture right when I'm sitting there and this causes me to lock in my upper arms so that they are tight and a bit sore along with my upper shoulders and lower back.
Makes me miss the days when I used to be able to do what Olga Korbut could do:I think if I tried this now I'd herniate a disc or something.


Angelika said...

I don't think many people are THAT limber anymore. I'm happy to still be able to touch my nose with my toe every once in a while.

Jennifer said...

Ahhh - Olga. Maybe you can do some Boot Camp for Knitters. I have tons of stretches I do to work the opposite muscles used when knitting. I find that it helps a great deal. I hope you work out the kinks in your back, neck and shoulders.