Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dysfunctional Dog

My husband's dog (please note the use of the possessive) is dysfunctional.
She suffers from separation anxiety (she's like a toddler in many respects) and because of this and the fact that she chases the cats she has to be with an adult at all times. Or in her crate.
In the morning we let her roam around while we are getting ready and because DH and I get ready at different times she usually ends up sitting in the bathroom while we take our showers.
If she is in there with DH she doesn't really misbehave.
When I am in there she likes to get things out of the garbage and chew them up into small pieces.
Don't ask me why but you know I end up cleaning up whatever she's been chewing.
If it is a tissue, that's kind of disgusting but not too abnormal.
When it's a feminine hygeine product - like it was yesterday - that is uber-disgusting.
Collectively now - "EWWWWW"
This morning I told her not to touch the garbage and she didn't - she was good.
However she did grab ahold of my underwear and had it by her when I came out of the shower.
What's up with that?


Angelika said...

Wow, the things I miss if I neglect my favorite blogs for a while. That is too funny though. She must really like you ;)

Kat said...

My dog used to be a diaper addict, couldn't get enough. And play-doh, which was hilarious as she would poop neon piles of poo in the yard -- which actually made the cleanup more efficient. And way back when I still wore hose to work, she would chew on my dirty hose... which is not a good thing as it can get tangled in their intenstines. I once had to convince her to take syrup of ipecac to get her to vomit back up my chewed and dirty hose. Not pleasant.