Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh, Wilkie Collins, how I love thee

I began reading The Moonstone this morning.
What a wonderful book full of pith and well-developed characters.
And a great story too!
There are some time discrepancies, but that is minor.
Swimming in 20 minutes - should I read or knit? Oh the horror of having to make a decision.
I tried to read The Woman in White and I vow that one day I will get through it -- but it is a very long book and I think the print in the book I have is much too small (or my eyes are too old).
I adored The Haunted Hotel - fast read and quite intriguing.
But nothing of Wilkie's that I have read so far beats The Moonstone.
And Wilkie, dude, while you are awesome couldn't you consider trimming your beard?

Update: I accomplished both knitting and reading while my youngest swam her heart out. I read for 40 pages and then I knit for the rest of the time available, which equals 12 rows (or 3 pattern repeats). I feel satisfied. Yes, I can do it all. Within reason.


Caroline said...

OK, I'm going to start it too. I've had it on my list long enough. Yeah, the beard needs work.

Purl said...

I need to give it a try--I've heard lots of great things.

And this is why I've invested in many book holders--I read and knit at the same time as much as I can. But I must confess that many times I notice that I have put the knitting down. Is this a good test for a great book?

But the book holder wouldn't work at a swim meet.