Saturday, January 26, 2008

Evenings at the Mall

We went out to the mall this evening to make some exchanges.
The mall is always an interesting place on Saturday nights.
While you have plenty of families out shopping you also have the teenagers who treat the area as their hangout/boxing ring/drug dealing location. And they do have fights at the mall. Just recently there was a knife fight and my friend Joani was there and saw it, with the blood all over the floor and everything.
Remember in this climate where the evening temps hover below 20 degrees you have to perform most of your illegal activity indoors.
Nice place to go on a Saturday night, right?
Well this evening we saw a girl getting arrested for shoplifting at Claire's. I know stealing is wrong, but it was hard not to feel sorry for this poor girl there at the front of the store crying as mall security came into the store to take her away.
Then we went to Arby's and one of the girls behind the counter was so drunk she could barely stand up. She wasn't working but she obviously works there and she was loud too. All I could hope was that she didn't fall into the hot grease or something equally horrific.
An interesting evening, I have to say.
Before we went to the mall we had an outing with Girl Scouts.
Here we are ice skating:
Yes, SN2 actually came along with us. He must have some strong feet because those rental boots kill mine. I swear that this year I am definitely going to buy some ice skates so I never have to suffer with rental boots again.
Of course this is what I said last year when we went ice skating.
Guess I'll have to head back to the mall, but I'll go during the daylight hours when the crowd is not so wild and dangerous.


Angelika said...

This is one reason I like to avoid the mall, go without my kids and at hours when those kind of people still have to recover from their outing the night before.

Kat said...

Hee hee... this reminds me of the Devil's Store at night. I walked in one night at around 10 and came upon a huge Hawaiian woman beating the crap out of her husband. I got my cart and starting shopping. Honestly, what else can you do?