Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gale Force Winds

I awoke this morning to the wind pelting the rain against my window.
Those winds were 75 miles per hour!
Garbage was strewn all over the streets (for those of us who had garbage day) and there was a Christmas tree in the middle of the street, blown there from the side of the road.
One of my co-workers was driving into work this morning and a tree branch fell onto the hood of her car. A few inches more and it would have been through her windshield.
Fortunately she's okay but her car is going to need repairs.
A boring yet busy day for me and what I had in mind to post about will never come to fruition, at least for today, because I haven't had time to take pictures!
I guess it would help if I would get my butt up out of bed earlier than 6:00.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

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Jennifer said...

Yikes! That is one of my worst fears. Trees fall here all the time and kill people. Last fall a tree fell and killed the parents and barely scratched the 2 small children in the back seat. Because of that, they're looking at removing trees on our Merritt Parkway to a safe distance. It will still look lovely and "park-like" but give the rest of us some peace of mind. I'm so glad your co-worker was not injured.