Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knitting Help

It can be kind of funny to see how everyone connects to each other in blog world. Not a lot of my readers are knitters* so I try to vary my content and include non-knitting items too. Considering my rate of knitting speed (super slow) there's really not a problem that they will be overwhelmed by pictures of my FOs.
But there are some amazing knitters out there and I do like to read (and feel envious) of what other knitters accomplish. Now because I know that many of us do not read the same blogs I wanted to repeat something here that I found on The Scottish Lamb today.
She had a link to these wonderful knitting journal pages. You need to go see these and download them.
And then we all need to send a big thank you to Grace, because while it is not difficult to make forms it does take time and imagination and then generosity to share these with other knitters. She could have charged and we would have paid, but she is not and that is awesome.

*my two most faithful - Sheri and Jean -- are you free for dinner on Friday??

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