Saturday, January 05, 2008

Goodwill for Men and Women

This past weekend we discovered the Goodwill store in our town.Granted we always knew where it was, we just never ventured out and entered it to see what treasures it contained.
And let me tell you, it has some treasures for sure.
Well and some nasty stuff too.
And that smell - you just can't get away from the smell in a shop like that no matter how new and clean it is.
SN2 found some $50 pants for $6 each - so of course we bought both pair - and some sweater vests and a cardigan. He was a happy camper.
DN2 couldn't find anything, but then she was feeling fussy anyway.
I found a Burberry's tweed coat for DN1 - Saks Fifth Avenue label and everything and the Burberry's lining - not a counterfeit (trust me, I've had enough stuff purchased in Korea to know what is fake and what is not) - for $12.00.
I only hope it fits, but they have a policy where you can return the items within 14 days.
Wait, look, my errant daughter has returned from a weekend of debauchery in Toronto in time for me to take her picture.
We wonder if it might be a man's coat, but you know what I say?With that Saks label and a $12 price tag, who cares?
(Especially when it's like 10 degrees outside.)
She could totally rock this coat with a red scarf.
Speaking of good yarn there. I know because I checked. Yucky stuff in yucky colors - all acrylic - which has it's time and place but not when it's just funky, ugly yarn.
Oh well, no good craft stuff but you should see the books.
Oh the books!
Oh my - I got a crick in my neck just from keeping my head turned sideways for 15 minutes trying to read the titles. A lot of crap (Danielle Steel and romance novels), but some small finds (plenty of Maeve Binchy and spy thrillers if that's your thing). I did purchase Black Like Me for $1.99 - kind of a high price - I would have appreciated 25 cents - but the Goodwill does have to make up for the loss of money for selling a Burberry's coat for $12.00 I guess.
I think we've found our new Wal-Mart.
And Goodwill doesn't serve the devil.
Just blind and visually impaired people.
Like my mother.


Angelika said...

Goodwill sometimes has totally usable stuff. Did they also give you a military discount? Ours does. I'm yet to unravel the cashmere/silk sweater I found there.

Justine said...

hey now.
debauchery was not an activity that i partook in.

and damn do i look white.