Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nice Dreams

This is about that moment when you're thisclose to waking up and you're involved in a really nice, or cool, dream that you just don't want to leave - and then that damn alarm clock starts squawking and you have to leave the land of make believe.
Yes, today was one of those days.
I love my dreams.
Sometimes I think it would almost be cool to be comatose.
Because when I dream it is like having a movie inside my head every night.
I am always entertained, sometimes scared, but always entertained.
And the thing is, I'm not always the main character. Sometimes I literally watch a movie, edited with slow-mo and fade outs and other techniques. It's so cool.
And I know there is music inside my head too, because one time I was having surgery (not on my brain, but darn close, Ms. Proboscisface) and I was listening to Vivaldi. When I came out of the anesthesia I asked the docs if they were listening to a classical station. They said no, their radio was tuned to something else.
So I know there are things going on in my subconscious that only get tapped at night.
Like last night I dreamt I was in a city and I was going to walk home and this chick named Fyodorika Finlandia (don't ask me where that name came from - perhaps something to do with Dostoevsky and the flag of Finland that I saw yesterday) and she said, don't walk home alone, it is unsafe. So she walked home with me, and then I had to go inside and get someone to walk home with her and there were more bizarre things happening, like we drove her home in a wagon pulled by horses, and when we dropped her off she worked at this modeling agency that classified their models as either back door or front door (nothing to do with sex, just how they looked). Strange stuff and really not entertaining for anyone but me.
But waking up from these wacko dreams is the hardest part, because sometimes I just want these dreams to go on.
Alas, they never do, because reality butts in and here I am, hard at work, anxiously awaiting the hour when I can go back to sleep.
And before you start asking questions, no, this post has nothing to do with a Cheech and Chong movie, nor with any of the illegal substances of which they partake.

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Justine said...

hehe i'm sorry was that supposed to be a stab at me...?