Thursday, December 07, 2006

In sync

I just received a phone call from SN1 (my number one son) in Minnesota and it went like this:

Me: Hello
SN1: Hey, guess what I'm watching
Me: "The Witches"
SN1: How did you know?
Me: Because I'm watching "The Witches"
SN1: You are? On HBO?
Me: That's cool we're watching the same movie.
SN1: It's my favorite movie.
Me: I love this movie.
SN1: But it's freaky
Me: Well, it's true to Roald Dahl because it's not nice (said during scene where the grand high witch sends a baby in a pram flying down a hill towards the edge of a cliff).
SN1: I'd like to see a movie based on BFG
Me: They'd probably ruin it

1000 miles apart and we are still somewhat in sync.
And my sons wonder why I don't like their girlfriends...

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Justine said...

its like a reverse freud effect...