Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday Celebrations

I received a party invitation from a high school friend and I thought it was so clever that I must share. The invitation states that guests are invited to a celebration on Saturday, December 16 and once at the party they are encouraged to:

Please feel free to Celebrate any of the following: Independence Day in Central African Republic, Anniversary of the Restoration of Independence in Portugal, National Holiday in United Arab Emirates-Laos, Independence Day in Finland, Delaware Day in Delaware, Independence Day in Ivory Coast and Panama, Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday in Fiji, Mother’s Day in Panama, Blessing of the Water in Uruguay, Our Lady of the Coupe in Paraguay, Independence Day in Tanzania, Human Rights Day, Thai Constitution Day in Thailand, Wyoming day in Wyoming, Foundation of Worker’s Party Day in Angola, Independence Day in Upper Volta, Independence Day in Kenya, Republic Day in Malta, Statue Day in Netherlands Antilles, Constitution Day in Nepal, Day of the Covenant in South Africa, National Day in Bahrain, Hanukkah Semitic Diaspora, Victory Day in Bangladesh, National Day in Bhutan, Republic Day in Niger, Victory Day in Egypt, Emperor’s Birthday in Japan, Christmas Day in USA-South Korea-Philippines-Macau-Germany-France-Australia, Constitution Day in Taiwan, Children’s Day in Congo, Kwaanza African American Diaspora, Birthday of Quaid-i-Aziam in Pakistan, Bank Holiday in Canada-Ireland-UK-Cayman Islands-El Salvador-Honduras-Pakistan, Boxing Day, Family Day in South Africa, St. Stephen’s Day, Feast of Our Textbooks in Greece, Constitution Day in North Korea, Public Holiday in Lesotho-Zimbabwe, Civic Holidays in Costa Rica, His Majesty, The King’s Birthday in Nepal, anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar, Proclamation of the Republic of Congo, Feed Yourself Day in Benin, New Year’s Day-Earth, Independence Day Haiti-Sudan-Burma, Universal Fraternity Day Mozambique, Ancestry Day Haiti, St Berchtold’s Day Switzerland, Revolution day upper Volta, Martyrs Day Zaire-Panama, Children’s Day in Uruguay, Three Kings’ Day Puerto Rico, Christmas Ethiopia, Pioneer’s Day Liberia, Armed Forces Day Liberia, Zanzibar Revolution Day Tanzania, National Liberation Day Togo, Martin Luther King Holiday USA, Adults Day Japan, Arbor Day Jordan, Martyrs Day Benin, Revolution Day Tunisia, Confederate Heroes Day Texas, Ethiopian Epiphany Ethiopia, Name day of Archbishop Bakarios Cyprus, Army Day Mali, National Heroes Day Guinea-Bissau, Lee-Jackson Day Virginia, Robert E. Lee’s Birthday Alabama-Mississippi, Our Lady of Altagracia Dominican Republic, Feast of St Ildefonsus, National Handwriting Day, Economic Liberation Day Togo, Republic Day India, Australia Day Australia

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