Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Man am I boring

I got this Meme from Kat.
You're supposed to take the first sentence from each month throughout the year and post it here.
What do I have?
Some damn boring entries - check it out:

Here it is - the first time out there.

I’ve thought long and hard about writing a blog.

I read a lot of blogs, some are about knitting, and some are about celebrities.

When I was growing up, I always felt a connection with the south, primarily because I was born in Virginia.

Today is Franz Kafka's birthday.

There's a little more sadness in the world today.

It's officially over.

My youngest son has friends who are licensed to drive.

Last year when DN2 and I went trick or treating, we went out with a friend of my brother's and his daughter, who is the same age as DN2.

What is it with cats?

If this is a writing exercise you know what I've realized? That I rely very heavily on my title, and when my first sentence is separated from the title it doesn't stand on its own very well. Yes, I've taken a fun meme and turned it into an exercise in self-awareness. See - I must be boring!
Now, if you want to check out a blog that is not boring at all but quite informative with regards to the celluloid industry (movies, folks), head on over to Reel Fanatic. You know me, I'm so easy (glad that's not a first sentence) - post a comment on my and I'll link to you for life. Honestly, he's got some very well-written movie reviews and discussions about what's going on in the film industry and without the snarkiness of the gossip blogs. Check it out.

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