Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Lights of the Season

DN2 and I drove around last night looking at Christmas lights. We stayed in the village and didn't travel out farther. We'll save other trips for another night because some of the houses that we did see go above and beyond - and it's great! They are deliciously tacky, as if the more lights and blow up figures on the lawn the better. (Honestly, what does Shrek have to do with Christmas??) I'm still a big fan of the simple look such as candles in the windows, but then the simple look is not worthy of a picture (because it's boring). It is the garish and tacky decorations that need pictures!

So we drove around and took photos, some not very good, mostly because I scared DN2 and said, "You better hurry up with that picture taking because someone may come out their door with a shotgun and try to shoot at us." Hey, you never know. But we had our excuse all ready because they are actually holding a contest for house decorating and they have some really outrageous categories - which some of the houses we saw may actually win!

What we discovered during some of our travels is that the people who had great houses at Halloween time also took the time at Christmas to go crazy. I say, good on 'em.

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