Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blogging, Knitting, and Wasting Time

Hey y'all - I don't know if any of you noticed - but Wendy commented on my blog!
I had to call my husband and then email all two of my friends who would care.
It's like a visit from a celebrity - and one that I like!
Because honestly I've been around celebrities, and not all of them are worthy of being honored.
But the ones that are - well let the genuflecting begin.
I feel that I have arrived (and they haven't had time to show me the back door yet).

Now, I started working on the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from Stitch & Bitch Nation day before yesterday. Working with four needles is like trying to diaper an eel (because obviously I've done that before), but I'm persevering. Well before I started working on them I had a thought - and you know, it was one of those thoughts that you should listen to, you know, the one you ignore because you think it's all crap anyway. At least my thought processes are usually crap. So I thought perhaps I should check on the web and see if there are any corrections to this pattern and then my laziness kicked in and I didn't bother.

Big mistake!

Because yes, there are corrections to the pattern. Big corrections. Massive cable knitting corrections that if I were able to think and knit at the same time would not have made sense ergo I wouldn't have made the mistakes, but noooo (and I'm channeling John Belushi here). I sat through Talledega Nights and several hours of Dog the Bounty Hunter knitting up mistakes. What a fool I am. I guess I should have been sleeping instead. Well perhaps I'll put it down until tomorrow and watch some Miami Ink, drool over Ami James and rip it out and start all over again. Arrgh.

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