Monday, January 08, 2007

Why, oh why, won't she enable me?

All I made was one simple request of Kat.
Well let me preface my story by reminding you that I am participating in Wendy's idea that we knit from our stash in 2007.
And I've also been checking out the sale at The Scottish Lamb's place and she's got some nice things for sale.
But you know I won't buy anything because I've vowed to knit from my stash.
And I have been!
I've completed two scarves (simple enough), a hat, and some mittens for DN2.
Not much, but for me any FO is better than a UFO, right?
So I said to Kat today, "Hey, you know, The Scottish Lamb has got some really pretty yarn over there and I bet you could decide to buy some and send it to me as a gift. Perhaps later on you might remember that I owe you $20, plus shipping and handling, and I could reimburse you."
You know what she said?
Some people are just not good at enabling others.


Kat said...

Hee hee. Of course, enabling loophole exploiting would be easier if I wasn't so slow on the uptake... ;)

Sorry, sugar, ya gotta knit the crap ya got...

Caroline said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for the great comment. I agree with you, and I'm glad to know that at least someone noticed that I was missing in action:) I think I better join the "knit your own stash" group. My stash is beginning to take over bookshelves!