Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New blogger, old friend

If you get a moment, head on over to my friend Laura's blog.
She is just starting out (as in yesterday was her first post), but I love her dearly and hope you give her as much support as I will.
Let me tell you a bit about her.
We bonded over angel food cake.
We were stationed in London and our paths never really crossed, but I talked with her husband everyday at work and DN1 was in the same kindergarten class as her son W. We lived in Northwood and I think they lived in Slough, as in the city where The Office is set, but I'll let Laura tell you about that (and she can correct me if I'm wrong).
So we finally had a command picnic in May just prior to our packing up the command and moving it over to Germany. At the picnic Laura and I struck up a conversation with each other, and as we talked we picked at an angel food cake that someone had brought.
By the time we were done talking there was nothing left to the cake, but as you know, food and drink are among the best things in life and when you share them with someone you truly like, well life is good.
Just not so good for anyone who wanted a piece of that cake.
When we moved to Germany their apartment was across the Strasse from ours and we became very good friends.
We have even vacationed together!
And for me, or anyone else, vacationing with someone and still being willing to do it again is a great testament to how well our families get along.
So I'll be checking Laura's blog and encouraging her to achieve her goals.
And she's learning how to knit too!
You go, girl.


Micky said...

Thanks for the bday wishes.
I am heading to your friend's blog after I comment!

Caroline said...

I checked on Laura's blog. I'm going to suggest that she check out Poor Miss Finch's blog. She's a knitter, and she has been working on losing weight as well. It's a fun blog to get inspired on.
How nice for you for help a friend get started with blogging. It is fun, isn't it?