Friday, January 26, 2007

Lake Effect

I shouldn't have complained about the temperature yesterday.
After I posted that it was 15 degrees, the temperature started to fall.
By the time I left work (at 4:05 Jean and Sheri!) it was 10, and then when I went to PetSmart it was 4, and that is where we're holding this morning.
4 degrees Fahrenheit.
I don't even want to think what it is for Celsius because when it involves a negative number it's best just not to think about it at all.
And we're getting the lake effect from both lakes this morning. Yikes.
Actually this is not true, I just watched the news, it's only from Lake Ontario, but the wind chill factor is -8. We are expecting about 3 inches of snow today and a couple more this weekend. Remind me again why I wanted to move back here!?!
Some joker on the tv's Wake Up show this morning played Journey's song "Wheel in the Sky."
For those unfamiliar with the lyrics it begins, "Winter is here, again, oh Lord..."
I finally got some knitting done last night because the best thing to do in my big, drafty, hugely expensive home to heat is to sit in bed and watch tv and knit. Or read. Whatever floats your boat.
So last night I busted out my mitten I've been working on.
Have you ever committed a large amount of time to a project and think, (1) this doesn't look much like the picture, and (2), perhaps I should have swatched?
Well, perhaps I should have, because it just seems to me the space where the thumb hole is going to be shouldn't be located up at the base of my index finger. Hmmm.
Am I going to rip it out?
Oh no, I'll see it through.
The cuff may reach to my elbow just so I can make them fit but I'll keep on plugging along because I'm stupid that way.
Stay warm!

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