Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Why do they insist on doing this?

Every month it's a new color.
Every month it's a new temptation.
Sometimes when I get the emails I have to delete them before I even open them, that way I won't be tempted by the new and luscious colors.
They being Jimmy Bean's Wool, and the other relative pronoun being Lorna's Laces February 2012 special edition color: New Beginnings.
Wow, thanks for creating a great color combination for February - colors I love - pink, red, and gray with white bringing it all together.
Look at that - isn't that something?
If I needed to treat myself I'd certainly buy some of this yarn.
But I will resist.
Won't I?
Although under my current new year plan resolutions I am still able to receive gifts.
Just sayin'.
(You know that I'm totally buying this yarn, right?)

1 comment:

charlotte said...

Temptation, by biggest problem too! Even if I have no plans to use it I can sit and look and stroke and spend hours planning, see it's worth every penny already!!