Sunday, February 05, 2012

...and we might not even watch the game!

Football is such an American sport.
American football that is.
Football, or Fußball, is a more popular sport in every other country.
We call it soccer.
Sure, they play American football in other countries, but they do identify it that way - as American football.
I didn't just make up that term.
Now have you ever wondered why American women are such amazing soccer players, but the men can barely get past the quarterfinals of the World Cup?
Consider that, and get back to me.
My husband, being from South America, can tolerate American football, but futbol is his beautiful game.
When I was growing up the TV was always tuned to football (and now I'm talking about American football, just so you're clear).
I enjoyed football then too.
How could you not?
Football is so ingrained in American culture, and it's become more of a social activity than enjoying it for pure sport.
And let's be honest - games take for-ever.
I thought last Sunday's Shoe comic strip really captured the essence of how long a game actually takes:

Look away from the field during a soccer game for even a few seconds and you can miss a lot.
Look away from the football field, and, well, I think we're clear on what you've missed.
(For those keeping score, it's either nothing, or not a heck of a lot.)
Football, then, is about sitting around a room for a long period of time, watching television, and, here's the best part, eating food.
Wait, I didn't even mention the commercials!
I've decided that tonight, however, I am prepared to enter into the festivities, so I will be making the following:

  1. Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese
  2. Buffalo Chicken Dip
  3. Buffalo Chicken Wings
Wait, hold on, I'm sensing a theme's...nope, don't see it.
Let me know if you find something - oh, wait, I see, I forgot to tell you that there are plenty of fresh veg for the dip.
Silly me.
Last year we ordered pizza from a local place, and they were so busy that this year I am not going to do that again. I had to wait about 20 minutes once I was there, and their waiting area is very small, and was filled with a lot of angry people who just wanted their pizza and to get home because the game was on!
For them, apparently, it's not just about food and commercials, they want to watch the game too (and drink beer). This year the pizza place is offering a free tray of nachos and dip with the purchase of pizza, and as enticing as that sounds, I still think I'll skip it.
In my family, well we'll have the food, and we'll have the beer, but will we be watching the game?
It is the Super Bowl after all.
I hate to alienate so many of my loyal followers (I count at least ten) who are total football fans, but it's not likely.
Hubby is all about futbol 24/7, and even as I write this (which is 6:55 AM on a Sunday morning), he is watching Lazio vs. Genoa on Fox Soccer Channel.
Oh we'll know who won (hopefully the Giants), but I can't even tell you right now if it will be on in our house.
But we'll be eating.
You can count on that.

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