Friday, February 03, 2012


It has become apparent to me during my many years on this earth, that we all have different levels of obsession fascination with celebrities.
For some, we would go out of our way to breathe the same air, and for others, well, they could be standing there and we would turn away, totally disinterested.
Well, that's how I roll anyway.
I suppose this would be part of the laws of attraction too.
Some may find the cute guy who gives out parking tickets attractive, and others may like the guy who works on their computer.
It's all a matter of taste - preference, if you will.
During my life I have met, or breathed the same air as, some seemingly important people.
Not all of them have caused me to become excited to be in their presence.
And again, it's about what interests me.
So let's go back over my preferences which are, in no particular order knitting, books, and music.
And here's a segue.
I was looking through my bookshelf this morning, surprised at the number of books I have that I didn't even realize I owned!
Sad, I know.
Of course I didn't find the one book that I was looking for (and you know that as soon as I buy it again I will find it), but I did find another that I have wanted to read - Adrienne Martini's Sweater Quest: My Year of Knitting Dangerously, but obviously bought and shelved, and that's where it's been.
I really had forgotten about this book, not because I think it's bad, but mostly because it was on a bookshelf and hidden by some other things (namely knitting patterns). It really needs to be moved to my ever-growing to-be-read bookshelf. (Just wanted to assure you that I did move it - I know you were concerned.)
In looking through the book I realized (again because I know that I knew this when I purchased the book originally) that Adrienne Martini teaches in the same state university system in which I work.
How close we are! And yet so far. Her campus is three hours or so away.
But this is totally awesome, right?
Is she someone that everyone would know?
Perhaps not, but she is a published author so according to my standards (or preferences), and I say this even while working on a college campus where there are a plethora of professors who have published, I'm thrilled. And this is mostly because she's also a knitter.
Now who doesn't love a knitter, I ask you. (Note the lack of a question mark - I'm not looking for a rebuttal to this statement.)
I'm certainly not the best knitter in the world, nor the most enthusiastic, but I do love making the things that I am able to create. It is a very fulfilling activity, and the yarn is just so darn pretty.
Hang on, here's another segue.
Imagine my delight when they announced that a performer at an upcoming concert was hosting a knitting circle before her show. That sounds like a show that is right up my alley.
Can you guess the performer?
None other than.....Christine Lavin.
Ask me if I'm ten kinds of excited about the concert tonight.
I think you know the answer.
Do I listen to her music?
I can honestly say that I recently discovered her through Pandora of all places (she pops up on my Kate Rusby station), and I didn't really even connect who she was until I looked at the Christmas CDs that I had randomly purchased two years ago and realized that I had indeed purchased Christine Lavin Presents: Just One Angel.
I'm a little slow at connecting those dang dots, but eventually I make my way there.
I don't think I'm at a disadvantage in not being overly familiar with her music.
After all, she's a knitter.
And knitters, as we know, are exceptional people.
(All hand crafters are exceptional, let's be honest.)
And as a knitter I'm sure she'll be forgiving, and grateful that we've been drawn to her concert through our mutual love of yarn, and we will more than likely go away as life long fans.
I'm counting on it.
Would I feel this same way if Brad Pitt, or someone equally famous were showing up for an event?
No, because again, their attraction to others doesn't float my boat. (Although for some reason I have this attraction to Jean Reno - I think it's the French accent. Don't say eww; again, it's personal preference, right?)
I feel no common bond with some of these famous celebrities.
Singers (and writers) who knit, however, oh yeah, we're there.
Tonight, then, my red headed friend, my knitting friend, my daughter, and I will be welcomed into the inner circle.
This is going to be an exceptional evening spent in the company of exceptional people.

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