Thursday, February 02, 2012

Some things just make me so angry that I could spit

Well really.
When hubby and I (and of course the kids) lived in Europe for four years (London and Germany) we became completely addicted to EastEnders.
We started watching it while staying in The Tudor Lodge where we lived for about two months.
It was nice, but what a culture shock.
This was 1992, so I remember it was odd watching the summer Olympics from the viewpoint of another country.
The sportscasters kept cheering for the British athletes, and we would get all excited during an event, and then think, "Wait, where are the Americans."
The power of the media, eh.
So with small kids (they were 7, 5, and 1 respectively), we spent evenings in getting them to bed.
And that's when the BBC magic happened.
Hubby and I soon took to watching EastEnders.
We absolutely loved the explosive relationships between Phil, Grant and Sharon, and loved how Michelle couldn't stand Grant (and then got pregnant by him!). Oh and greedy Ian, and conniving Cindy, and all those wonderfully larger than life, filled with drama characters.
Great stuff.
What was even cooler was that Sharon's father - well, not the character, but Letitia Dean, the woman who plays Sharon - her father was a tailor who worked in the Exchange down at the Naval Headquarters in London. We would shop there, and see him, and think, "Gol, that's Sharon's dad!"
It was very much a "squee!" kind of situation.
(Hubby did see Robbie one time in a London club when he went back for a site visit, but we never did see anyone else. Darn work always gets in the way of fun, doesn't it?)
When we finally moved back to the States, we were abruptly weaned off of EastEnders.
What a shock.
I still get the shakes just thinking about it.
This was during the early days of the internet too, so even though we picked up AOL in 1996 (along with the rest of the country), and we could read what was going on with our favorite favourite characters, it just wasn't the same.
YouTube hadn't been invented yet.
Imagine that.
Finally, our friend Nick, who we had been stationed with overseas, moved from NC to Virginia Beach, and his PBS station was airing EastEnders.
Nick would send us copies of the show after he'd watched it, and since his wife was a Brit, she loved the show too.
Not that being British means you have to love the show - I know that there are those who don't, but really, this is a very popular British show.
Then Nick's PBS station did the unthinkable -- they declared EastEnders too expensive, and stopped showing it.
Denied yet again!
It was awful. We had to wean ourselves all over again.
I understand that this is an expensive show - it is on three times a week, has a slew of characters, and I'm sure the popularity has driven up costs, but come on America, this is good stuff!
When I interviewed for a job as an EA at our local PBS station, during the interview I told the boss that I thought they should be airing EastEnders.
He gave me the old song and dance, and said, "Yadda, yadda, yadda, too expensive, blah, blah, blah."
Well they've never picked up EastEnders, and I didn't get the job either.
So here we've had about 10 years without EastEnders, and I'm managing my addiction rather well.
That is until I see this news:
Sharon is coming back.
Oh yes, the bitch is back one more time, and I'm so upset that I have to miss it.
Know of anyone who is hiring in England?
I could be ready to, well, right away!
There's a drink waiting for me at the Queen Vic.
While I'm waiting for you to work out details of my future employment, here's some vintage EastEnders - Grant discovering his wife's affair with his brother.
Explosive - just like I said!!

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