Friday, February 10, 2012

We Are Where We Eat

Proudly representing the Garbage Plate region of NYS.
Although every once in a while we head past that line into the Buffalo Wings region just to savor a Beef on Weck (as one columnist believes the region could also be called).
And the Wine region most certainly infiltrates our region if only to sell their wares at the Public Market (and probably grab some garbage plates).
So has Labatts (but I never ever drink Blue light for personal reasons).
Life is good.
So is food.
And since we're going all regional, here are a couple of videos that identify regional dialects and vernacular as well.
Sorry for the curse words, but that's how some people roll.

Can someone head to Timmy's for a dozen Timbits for me too?
And here's our region.
There will be a test after to see how many times garbage plates were discussed.

Did you get it?
I say six - four times outright, once asking about meat hot sauce, and lastly discussing Nick Tahou's.
Yes, this was a trick test.

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