Friday, February 24, 2012

How Long is it Safe to Display Christmas Pictures?

I bought these two pictures at the market in December:

I paid $20 for both pictures. Well, the one on the right in the red frame is a print, and the one in the white frame is an actual painting.
I really liked them both, but I especially like the painting.
What's funny is that everyone who sees it (okay, well just my mother and my oldest daughter) says exactly what I said, "I really like the painting."
Yeah, me too. I just said that.
I don't know who the artist is, although the name is printed on the back, nor how it ended up in a market stall, and even though I'm aware that it will probably never be worth any money, I appreciate it.
It has a very quaint and homey feel to it.
So P. Pechuman, whomever you are, when you painted this in 1954, you did a great job.

Thank you.
And really, I wouldn't mind keeping it up all year!


charlotte said...

very sweet, keep them up as long as you like.

Anonymous said...

I have one that my grandmother painted that looks a lot like yours. I leave it up year-round too.