Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finding a Supplier

We all have our addictions, and some of us are very particular about the foods we eat.
You know that's not me.
There is one thing, however, that I adore: Fresh Eggs.
Little did I know that my friend Kim, whom I met and subsequently befriended through some very interesting circumstances along with the knowledge that we share similar opinions about many pleasures (books), raises chickens.
This week I bought some.
Aren't they lovely?
If you've never had fresh eggs, and have only used the ones sold in stores that are weeks, months, years old, then you are missing out.
As Kim said, "Using a tropical fruit analogy - our eggs [the yolks] look more like oranges than lemons."

She's right.
I now have a standing order for 18 eggs a week.
I have a supplier.
I'm so happy.


xbmill said...

Thank you!

charlotte said...

I understand your love, I really miss not having our chickens. I used to love making a victoria sponge with eggs that had only been layed a hour earlier, it was amazing!