Saturday, February 18, 2012

Poor Wee One

My poor little one has come down with strep throat.
The timing could be considered advantageous as she is off of school all next week, but it's really not a good time at all.
She was supposed to be leaving this morning for NYC with a friend's family for four days, but she decided last night that she does not feel well enough to go.
I thought that was a very mature decision, don't you?
Well of course she's sick and she probably shouldn't go anyway, but I can tell you that around Monday she's going to regret not going because by then she'll be feeling much better.
Or else she'll start bugging me to take her shopping.
That's already happened, of course.
She's on antibiotics, but they take a while to kick in, and in the meantime last night her fever and general malaise started getting worse, so she decided to sleep in the living room.
Guess who else got to sleep there too  - on the couch.
Yes, that would be me.
And of course the dogs decided to wake me up at 4:00 by barking at roaming cats, or was it college students, and then I had to take them outside.
I'm nursing a headache, but intend to work on some projects today such as finishing a hat, and then starting on some socks.
After a nap, of course.

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