Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Quiz - Mind over Myth

I love to study mythology.
It's not difficult, really.
Think of Bullfinch's as a comprehensive Soap Opera Digest and then think of all the characters in the myths as soap opera characters and it will really demystify it for you.
Telling stories, tracking characters movements, who is married to whom, who had a kid together, who married their mother, who killed their father, etc.
Fascinating stuff.

You Are a Pegasus

You are a perfectionist, with an eye for beauty.
You know how to live a good life - and you rarely deviate from your good taste.
While you aren't outgoing, you have excellent social skills.
People both admire you - and feel very comfortable around you.

And for Caroline, I want you to know that the first book I'm reading during my summer break is Njal's Saga. You made me curious about this Medieval Icelandic saga and it sounds so interesting I have to check it out for myself. I've always been a Greek and Roman kind of girl, with more emphasis on the Greek, but I am anxious to dig in. Thanks!

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Micky said...

I'm a mermaid.
Watch out mermen.