Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Quiz - But Where's the General Lee?

Somebody had better bring the General Lee around.
Check out what 80s tv show I am.

Take this test!
Yee-haw! So maybe you get into a scrape or two, but what's wrong with that? You never mean no harm. You believe in standing up for what's right — and don't mind having a good time while you're at it. We wouldn't change you if we could!

Do I have to chose from the men of Hazzard County?
Then I guess I'll take Luke Duke, thank you very much.
Yee haw.

Note: I've actually seen one of the General Lee cars they used. They had it at the Williamsburg Pottery in Williamsburg VA. Kat, you just went there recently, didn't you? Is it still there?

Note (again): That's two "yee haws" in one post. I wonder if I'm approaching my yee haw limit for the month? Is anyone keeping track?


Micky said...

I got Cheers.
Now really, everybody does NOT know my name.

I also did the video game and horror movie.

I was World of Warcraft and Children of the Corn. Woohoo.

And I say there is no such thing as too many YeeHaws. Especially coming from Bo.

Kat said...

I got Cheers too! I used to love that show. And yes, Williamsburg Pottery is still there, we were just there a few months ago. Its dwindling, but the Pfaltzgraf factory outlet is still there and that's what counts ;)