Friday, May 09, 2008

The Smell of Lilacs is in the Air

You can smell them everywhere.
It is wonderful.
Spring is finally here and in full bloom.
I walked out of a dinner party last night and you could smell the lilacs scenting the evening breeze.
There is something magical about this time of year when we are surrounded by nature's beauty. With awe I regard the mystery of the beautiful flowers that spring up out of the ground after a long, hard winter and pepper the air with their scent.
It is definitely a wonderful time of the year, class is almost over, commencement is next Friday, and on Wednesday I came back from a meeting to find a note on my desk from DN1.
Happy Early Mother's Day!
I already put some Tori songs on there to keep you entertained on your bike ride home!
Figured you could use something nice.
- Me ^_^
P.S. I named it Francesca. Thought it fit.

What did she leave?
Meet Francesca:

Isn't spring an awesome time?
And don't I have the best daughter?
Truly she knows me.
Here is one of the songs on Francesca.
She carries it so well.
Take a few minutes and have a listen:

And yes, I am entertained when I ride my bike.
Thoroughly and completely entertained and overjoyed.
Happy Mother's Day on Sunday!

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