Sunday, May 18, 2008

Netflix is for Knitting

I joined Netflix yesterday.
I used to be in, and they gave great deals. You would get 3 movies at a time and then they would give coupons for 2 free rentals a month at their store. Well they closed the Blockbuster here. The closest store is 15 miles away and honestly I don't feel like driving 15 miles to Blockbuster. I gave up the membership because those coupons were worth more than the price of membership and since I couldn't use them, pfft.
So I've been missing the accessibility to random films that these sites offer.
Let's face it, my local Family Video is not stocking the complete collection of Ingmar Bergman films.
Actually I don't think they have any Bergman films.
I decided to join Netflix and now I have over 100 movies/tv shows in my queue.
(They have Knot's Landing! I love that show!)
You know what this means, right?
That summer will be for knitting and Netflix.
I'm psyched.

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Jennifer said...

Yeah! I love knitting to Netflix.