Monday, May 26, 2008

Not all Memorials are Made of Marble

I received this email and photo from my friend, Caveman.
He received it from a Marine who was a SgtMaj with 3/5 in Fallujah and is now SgtMaj of a Recruiting District.

I just wanted to pass on to you all a little story that happened today at the Marine Corps recruiting office in North Charleston SC, we had all the recruiters in the office conducting training and a little frail man walked in the office today at about 0845 with a red Marine WWII veteran hat on and said that he didn’t know we were in a meeting and we said that wasn’t a problem what can we do for you Sir? He said that he had something he wanted to show us. Being the history buff I am I was hoping he was bring in some old Marine Corps stuff to show is from back in the day. What he brought in was a 2 foot tall sign under it that had a few words on it and an American flag taped to the top. He held the sign and tried to speak…….. He couldn’t hold back the tears it was all he could do to compose himself enough to speak. He finally composed himself enough to let us know this was for his friend in the Marine Corps of 3 years who died at the Marines bloodiest battle, of WWII he stated that each year at this time of year (memorial day) he puts it out in front of his sub division so that his friend is not forgotten and asked us to give it a salutes as we go by.

The Marines in the office say that he comes every year and reminds them about his friend Goldie; 64 years ago he paid the ultimate sacrifice for his Country and his friends. It goes to show you the brother hood that the Marines have. He went to the place that he knew he would be understood for how he felt about his “Buddy” and that we as Marines would care to hear just those few words and the jester from a friend who won’t let his buddy’s memory be forgotten! “Not on his watch” Please pause to remember this weekend what Memorial Day is all about I hope this moves you like it did me.

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