Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Taught Someone to Knit

My friend Flower, remember her?, sent out an email yesterday about our Charity Knitting Group.
Almost immediately we started getting responses from people.
It was nothing short of remarkable.
I mentioned to Flower that we should be prepared to be overwhelmed by knitters and hookers (ha ha!) and when we are we should be very pleased.
I had to make a trip out to get water and soda for the office so I decided to make it a trip to the Devil's Store in order to stock up on yarn for the group.
Call me crazy, but I love field trips!
I picked out 15 skeins of the cheap stuff along with some totes and small supplies we'll need to finish the blanket(s).
Since I had to close the floor last night Flower stayed with me and at 4:30 we busted out the skein of yarn she thought was the prettiest color and got out the size 7 needles.
By 5:00 she had knit 3 rows and was developing the muscle memory (and hopefully not my bad habits) that will enable her to keep on knitting.
If was a very proud moment.
When I get to work I'll have to take a picture of her knitting. I sent her home to work on it last night - just simple stockinette - 10 stitches across - nothing overly complicated.
This is her learning swatch and if she makes a mistake she can learn from it.
After we get Flower going, Sheri and I are having a meet up so we can work on her knitting too.
Isn't that right, Sheri?

Note: I called her last night after I got home from a meeting and she said, "Julie, American Idol is on, I can't talk now!" Oops, sorry. But she also thinks she made a mistake. We'll check it later. I'm sure it's salvageable. After all, it's only a swatch!

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Angelika said...

This is so cool, getting your friends to knit with you and doing something for charity too. I can only wish.