Monday, May 12, 2008

Shiny, New Things

Something took up residence in my house this mother's day.

It's a Roomba!
Isn't it awesome!!!
It's exactly what I wanted.
Of course the time I spend watching it clean the floor could be spent cleaning the floor myself.
But I'm sure in a few days I'll be able to turn it on and let it do its thing without constant supervision.
Right now I'm calling him "Little Guy" until I can think of a better name.
I'm considering Rudy, perhaps, or Squidward because it has this little sweeping arm that comes out on the side and when it slows down it looks like some kind of sea creature. DN2 wants to call it Bob, but then she names everything Bob.
Any thoughts?
And how was your day?


Purl said...

I want one!

Micky said...

The Albino Ladybug.
Seriously from the angle of the pic, that's what it looks like.

But since that is a mouthful, maybe shorten it to Ally Bug?

Caroline said...

I go with Squidward because I miss Kai watching Sponge Bob after school every day. He's moved on to inane Disney sitcoms that simply don't have the complexity that Sponge, Sandy, and Squid ...and Mr. Crab exhibit.