Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Time for Summer Reading but It's Like 50 Degrees Outside

My class is over and my next one doesn't begin until June 2 and will last for only five weeks.
The class I'm taking is Grammar (at the graduate level).
Tell me I'm not stressing about how much grammar will be thrown my way in five short weeks.
Yeah, I'm scared.
I'll admit it.
Grammar is scary business and I don't know if I even remember diagramming sentences when I was in elementary or middle school.
But I'll get through it because I have my summer reading to get to.
Summer reading that will actually lead to my graduate thesis.
I haven't actually put pen to paper yet but I have been incubating an idea about young adult literature and how it reflects the hero's journey (a la Joseph Campbell).
Well that's my rationale for buying books at the school book fair the other day.
And while I'm reading I also hope to throw in some knitting along the way.
I joined the Summer of Socks:

Because you know that lately it has been all socks, all the time.
Now, I just need to get a pair finished as opposed to knitting and knitting and knitting and not finishing (and starting another pair)!

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