Sunday, May 04, 2008

1968 + 40 = 2008

Last night I went to see the musical Hair.
My friend Cindy called on Saturday afternoon and asked what I was doing in the evening and I said, Nothing, why?
Apparently she had received two free tickets to the play just for advertising it in her shop.
Not a bad deal and last night was the closing evening.
I've heard from many people how excellent the show was but thought, oh well, guess I'll have to give it a miss, so I was extremely pleased to be able to go.
And for free!
Gotta love the free.
The show was fantastic - I'd never actually seen it before.
I've seen the movie, which is so not the play, but this was great.
Put on by a group of college students it was completely professional, and there are some kids who I've seen in other productions and I wonder how long it will be before they are on Broadway themselves.
You've gotta love talent.
The father, mother and twin sister of one of the performers was sitting in front of us and he was so proud. He should be, his kid is really good!
So that's how I spent my Saturday night, not knitting, but enjoying the 60s.
And I was astonished to think that it was representing a time that was 40 years ago!!
Back when I was 20, something from 40 years earlier would have seemed horribly outdated, yet quaintly nostalgic and would have had a WWII storyline.
This is what you get from 1968 (as represented in the 1979 movie):

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Micky said...

I love the movie Hair.
It's far-out.