Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Knew I Would Wake Up With Something Stolen

Yesterday was the last day of classes at the college.
(Let me hear a yee haw! Or even a woo hoo!)
Next week is final exam week, but this weekend is party time.
When I was growing up, the college used to have this wonderful, raucous event called Spring-In. Our high school used to give out the warnings that if anyone missed school that day, even if they were sick, they would be in trouble.
Because who wouldn't want to skip school and hang out with the drunken college students and listen to bands. Well if you were too chicken to skip school and get suspended you could always rest assured that the high school let out at 2:12, and since the high school is adjacent to the college you know where we would all head right away.
Over to Spring-In.
And remember, back when I was younger the drinking age was 18 so more people had legal access to alcohol, thus increasing the amount that was present at Spring-In.
It was everywhere.
The event started in the 60s (big surprise) and continued into the 80s. I moved away in 1983 so I am not sure when it ended, but it did.
Well memories of Spring-In are very distant - the event does not take place anymore, but there are those who would like to resurrect it.
And they are working on it but there are many factors going against it.
For one, the drinking age is 21.
Second, the college administration is maintaining more stringent oversight of the students and their activities.
Third, when they have their current events the student government has to hire extra police patrols. There are police on foot, police on horseback, state troopers, and anyone else who wears a uniform keeps close. There is even a Marine recruiter who comes out.
We headed over at about 4:30 to see the activities.
And they try to make it anything but a drink fest.
They have bands, free food for the students, long lines, and free activities.
DN2 likes to play on the activities:

And the African dance troupe was a HUGE hit:

Even still, the vibe at this year's event felt a bit different.
I think even with all the oversight there was much drinking going on.
When I was headed home from work on my bike at about 4:15 I passed party after party, so I know there were some beer pong tables getting a good workout by students prior to their heading over to the event.
And I have to pay attention to this because of course now I'm not that high school kid looking to have a good time. I'm a parent with a house to worry about. In addition I worry about things getting damaged or stolen in the yard.
Well surprisingly enough when I went out at 6:00 this morning, thus cementing the fact that I am indeed an old fart since I must go to bed early in order to get up that early and be lucid, I went outside to have a look around.
Oh, one important piece of information I forgot to pass along.
The event took place on the next block over from my house.
I think you can understand my concern.
Here's my checklist:
Nothing stolen, check.
Nothing broken, check.
No ID cards in the yard, check.
Found: one plastic bag (is that vomit in there?), one sock in the driveway, and one empty cigarette pack (these kids can afford a $5 pack of Marlboro Lights?).
I was greatly relieved to find things in order.
Now I can go back and put my Shi Shi Dogs back out on my front porch.
Who wouldn't want to steal these guys?

They're so darn cute, right?

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